IBM Interviews Kai Staats

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Dec 032004

IBM has published an interview with Kai Staats, CEO and founder of Terra Soft Solutions, on its Linux on POWER pages. The questions range from Yellow Dog Linux in comparison to Mac OS X, the Y-HPC 64-bit distribution, and Terra Soft’s progress and relationship to IBM.

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December Power Newsletter

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Dec 022004

IBM’s December Power Newsletter has been released. Included are some articles about PowerPC system-on-a-chip, set-top boxes, and some notes about why the 970FX needs external help to boot. It also introduces a mysterious website,, which apparently will be important but so far doesn’t seem to have any content at all.

Update: a developerWorks article reveals more about apparently it will be a home to many committees.

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Ars Technica: POWER interview, 970 user manual

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Dec 012004

Ars Technica comments on a recent developerWorks interview with an IBM POWER performance architect. As a bonus, they note at the bottom that a 970 user manual has finally been released to the public, which has been a long-standing omission.

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Why Install Linux on Your Mac?

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Dec 012004

MacDevCenter asks: why install Linux on your Mac? Answers: 1) Freedom to tweak, and 2) More like Windows than Mac OS X. Read on for some myth evaluation, personal experiences, and lots of comments from Terra Soft’s Kai Staats.

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IBM, Sony, and Toshiba announce PowerPC-based Cell processor

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Nov 302004

IBM, Sony, Sony Computer Entertainment, and Toshiba announced yesterday that they’ve been working on a new processor architecture since 2001, and will elaborate on the design in Feb 2005. The Cell processor will have a 64-bit PowerPC core with some serious coprocessors, and if you count the occurences of the word “media” in the press release you can get some idea of where they’re going with it.

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Pegasos workstations shipping with Gentoo

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Nov 302004

The Gentoo Weekly Newsletter this week starts off with Pegasos news: the Open Desktop Workstation is being sold by Freescale, and offers Gentoo preinstalled alongside Debian and Yellow Dog. There is also some effort to use Altivec for firewalling, mail filtering, and Freescale Romania is using Altivec for VPN encryption.

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Mandrakelinux 10.1 for PowerPC

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Nov 142004

The Mandrakelinux community recently put out version 10.1 for Macintosh. Since it’s not an official project, there is no guarantee of support or updates though…

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Yellow Dog Powers Bomber Simulator

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Nov 042004

Terra Soft announced that two Air Force bases are now using dual-headed G5 Macs running Yellow Dog Linux as Boeing B1 bomber simulators. The pictures of the simulator don’t scream realism, but TSS just provided the OS, and that looks fine…

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Introduction to Open Firmware

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Nov 012004

An overview of Open Firmware can be found at IBM developerWorks. The author claims that Forth is an “enjoyable user experience”, but there’s some good history and other information as well.

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Altivec Acceleration for Software RAID

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Oct 302004

A recent patch added Altivec acceleration for software RAID-6, with impressive results.

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