SourceForge Adds OpenPower 720 to Compile Farm

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Nov 032005

IBM has contributed a POWER5-based OpenPower 720 to the SourceForge compile farm, where SourceForge developers can use it to port to or develop for PowerPC Linux. Although the compile farm contains two Macs running Mac OS X, this is the first appearence of PPC Linux.

Other publically-accessible PPC Linux machines are hosted at the University of Portland, the University of Augsburg, and Peking University.

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Power Architecture Community Calendar

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Nov 022005

IBM developerWorks has a community calendar up, listing Xbox 360 coverage, P.A. Semiconductor’s PWRficient CPU, upcoming IBM 970MP blades, a new Marvell bridge chip (due 1Q 2006), a Chinese company called UDTech will be making AMCC’s evaluation boards, and a whole lot more…

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IBM developerWorks on the MOAB 3011

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Oct 262005

IBM developerWorks has a look at the TAMS MOAB 3011, a $650 405GPr-based development system that fits in a PCI slot (in a passive PCI backplane, not the kind in your workstation).

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P.A. Semiconductor's PWRficient 1682M CPU

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Oct 232005

P.A. Semiconductor, a brand new semiconductor company, today announced their development of the PA6T-1682M dual-core 64-bit PowerPC processor. The 1682M, expected to be available by the end of 2006, will be the first in their “PWRficient” family, aimed at “performance per watt” in embedded and high-performance computing markets.

Update: Real World Technologies has an informative article posted, including details such as pipeline design and the rationale for a strongly ordered memory model.

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Dual-Processor Dual-Core Power Mac G5

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Oct 202005

The recently announced Power Mac G5 features two dual-core 970MP processors, PCI Express, and support up to 16GB of DDR2 RAM. Unfortunately for Linux users, the bundled graphics cards are limited to nVidia. No word on Linux support for the new systems, yet…

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IBM Java Developer Kit with PPC Linux Mozilla Plugin

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Oct 192005

IBM has just released a beta download for its upcoming Java 5 Standard Edition Java Developer Kit (JDK). Of particular interest is that this build now contains a Mozilla plugin for PPC Linux, which had been omitted in the past. It also appears to obviate the need for historical Just-In-Time (JIT) hacks. Hopefully the official JDK will be released in the near future…

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Cell Processor Toolchain Available

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Oct 102005

Source and binaries are now available for a toolchain targeting the Cell processor’s Synergistic Processing Elements (SPEs), the coprocessors that run alongside the ppc64 Power Processor Element (PPE). The GCC modifications are based on GCC 3.4.1. Combined with libspe, Open Source developers now have the tools they need to write and run code on the Cell SPEs.

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Interview with the Slimline Open Firmware Developers

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Oct 102005

IBM developerWorks has interviewed the developers of Slimline Open Firmware (SLOF), a BSD-licensed Open Firmware implementation for PowerPC. The conversation included SLOF’s mission, its use as the official firmware for an IBM Cell blade prototype, and future directions.

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pSeries Virtualization

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Oct 042005

IBM has published a pair of articles about pSeries virtualization. The first, in the IBM Research Journal, which talks about hypervisor design, virtual IO, and overall system design. The second is a developerWorks article, which focuses specifically on the software needed for Dynamic Logical Partitioning (DLPAR) on POWER5 systems.

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Genesi Announces 64-bit Workstation

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Sep 262005

Genesi, makers of the G4-based Pegasos motherboard, have announced that they’ve joined They simultaneously announced their intent to build a G4-based blade, and more importantly a 4-core (dual 970MP) “Open Server Workstation.” No technical specifications, approximate prices or estimated schedule are given. The announcement is also mentioned in an IBM press release.

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