crosstool is a set of scripts that build cross-toolchains for you, including gcc and glibc. (With cross-glibc, crosstool can produce normal dynamically-linked executables.) It works for both ppc64 and ppc32, and it’s very easy to use. What more could you ask for?

(If you just asked for a biarch 32- and 64-bit toolchain, i.e. one that can produce either type of userspace binaries with just a compiler flag, then you will need to read the ppc64 toolchain information.)

  tar -xzvf crosstool-0.28-rc35.tar.gz
  cd crosstool-0.28-rc35
  lynx doc/crosstool-howto.html
  sudo mkdir /opt/crosstool
  sudo chown $USER /opt/crosstool

At this point you’re ready to build. If you want a ppc32 toolchain, choose your processor type: 405, 440, 604, 750, 7450, 860. For a ppc64 toolchain, use 970 as your processor type:

  sh demo-ppc<cpu>.sh

(Please note that only the 405, 750, and 970 toolchains are known to have been tested. The rest are believed to work, and if you find they don’t, please contact the crosstool author.)

In a while (depending on the speed of your build machine), you will have a full toolchain ready to go in /opt.

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