IBM System S: Powered by Fedora on PPC450?

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Apr 272009

Analyzing streaming data is an interesting application for a supercomputer, and apparently IBM just sold a prototype of its “System S” to TD Securities, a Canadian investment bank. But what actually caught our eye was this: it’s based on Fedora 8 running on PowerPC 450 cores (BlueGene/P).

Of course, it’s no secret that the Fedora community seems eager to de-support PowerPC as soon as they can. One can only wonder if future systems like this will be forced to use Debian…

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1 Second Boot

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Apr 272009

MontaVista, a leading embedded Linux vendor, will demonstrate its “Fast Boot” technology on a Freescale 5121e processor at the upcoming “Embedded Masterclass” in the UK. They are promoting Fast Boot, which apparently touches everything from bootloader to init scripts, as a superior alternative to suspend/resume.

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Power ISA 2.06 Published

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Feb 102009

Version 2.06 of the Power Instruction Set Architecture (the current name for “PowerPC”) has been published by Among other things, this version includes an optional virtualization architecture for embedded (“Book E”) PowerPC cores.

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20 Petaflop Bluegene

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Feb 062009

IBM has announced two new BlueGene contracts, with the US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). One will be based on BlueGene/P, a system built with lots and lots of PowerPC 450 processors. The second will be “be based on future IBM BlueGene technology”. The Register goes on to speculate about what that might mean…

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Cell PPE Core Reused in Xbox

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Jan 052009

The Wall Street Journal got an advance copy of a book from two IBM employees, in which they talk about reusing part of the Cell processor for Microsoft’s Xbox. Ars Technica has some more technically detailed coverage, explaining that we’re really talking about the PPE (Power Architecture) core inside the Cell processor.

Update: Gamasutra has a good follow-up interview with Dave Shippy, one of the co-authors.

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IBM Acquires Transitive

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Nov 212008

Pretty much every industry news site has written about IBM’s acquisition of Transitive, the company that does cross-architecture dynamic binary translation. IBM had previously teamed up with Transitive, who is also behind Apple’s Rosetta (run PowerPC OS X applications on x86 OS X), to run x86 Linux applications on Linux on IBM’s line of PowerPC servers.

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Terra Soft Solutions Acquired by Fixstars

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Nov 122008

Terra Soft Solutions has been acquired by Fixstars Corporation, a Japanese company that specializes in the Cell processor. TSS’s CEO will become Fixstars’ COO, and Fixstars will continue to develop and support Yellow Dog Linux. Terra Soft has a history of working with the Cell processor, including Sony’s PlayStation 3, IBM’s QS20 family of blades, and Mecury Computer Systems blades and accelerator cards.

Terra Soft was one of the original companies dedicated to PowerPC Linux, espcially on Apple Power Macintosh, but they have shifted their focus to other PowerPC-related areas in the past few years, presumably caused by the decline of PowerPC on the desktop.

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Xilinx Announces Dual-440 FPGA

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Oct 302008

Xilinx has announced its “Virtex-5 FXT FPGA ML510 Embedded Development Platform”, which is an FPGA platform containing two PowerPC 440 hard cores. FPGAs are pretty cool, especially attached to a useful general-purpose processor like the 440, but the 440’s lack of hardware support for SMP coherence means users must be practically forced into running seperate kernel instances on each core. Xilinx announced support for both Linux and VxWorks.

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Ubuntu on PowerPC Macs

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Oct 302008

An article at iTWire talks about running Ubuntu Linux on old PowerPC Macs (G3, G4, G5). Running Linux is definitely less resource-intensive than the latest versions of Mac OS X, though Ubuntu has actully dropped official PowerPC support. The article discusses Ubuntu options and where to get the “community supported” versions.

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Mercury Announces PA Semi Blade

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Oct 302008

A long time ago now, Apple acquired PA Semi, makers of a high-performance low-power PowerPC chip. After much rumor and speculation, Apple eventually reluctantly agreed to continue to make PA’s 1682M processors available to existing PA Semi customers (a move pressured by the US Department of Defense, since most of PA Semi’s customers were in the defense industry).

After all that, Mercury Computer Systems, who have done plenty of work with the Power Architecture, finally announced their “PowerBlock 50”, which apparently is a ruggedized custom form-factor blade chassis. The PowerBlock 50 can hold a few different types of blades, including an FPGA, a Freescale PowerQUICC III processor, and, you guessed it, a PA6T-1682M.

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