Terra Soft Releases Y-Bio 1.1

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Apr 072006

Terra Soft Solutions, makers of Yellow Dog Linux, have just released version 1.1 of their Y-Bio distribution. Y-Bio 1.1 is integrated with Penguin Computing’s “Scyld ClusterWare™ HPC – Life Sciences Suite”, and has added some additional gene sequence analysis tools since 1.0. Y-Bio continues to install onto x86-based Fedora, Red Hat, and SUSE Linux distributions.

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Sun Java Standard Edition for PowerPC

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Apr 072006

This week at the Embedded Systems Conference, Sun released a “fully supported custom port” of Java Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.4.2 for PowerPC Linux. OK, actually it’s an evaluation version, and it’s only for embedded systems. It’s unclear how the embedded Standard Edition differs from the standard Standard Edition available for other architectures, but the “embedded Standard Edition” is apparently not the same as Mobile Edition (J2ME). (If you figure it out, please email the webmaster).

Update: LinuxDevices has figured it out. Among other things, J2ME is licensed only as source code, and lags J2SE in releases.

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AMCC Announces 405EZ

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Apr 022006

OK, this one is going to take a little suspension of disbelief, but the press release, which strangely is available only as a PDF, is dated 3 April…

AMCC has announced a new chip in the 405 series, the 405EZ. It will run from 100 to 400 MHz, has a fancy new timer peripherial which your editor doesn’t grok (apparently for real-time stuff), and is expected to be available for samples in 4Q 2006.

As if the chip name weren’t enough, the PDF-only press release was put out by a company named “PR on Demand“, located at prondemand.com. We couldn’t even make this stuff up.

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AMCC's Taihu 405EP Reference Board

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Mar 202006

AMCC today released a new 405EP reference board. In a break with the long-standing tradition of naming 4xx reference boards after trees, they call this one “Taihu,” which is apparently a lake in China. (Perhaps not uncoincidentally, this system was made for AMCC by Beijing UD Technology Co., Ltd.) The board contains an assortment of low-end IO, comes with U-boot and a Linux 2.6 kernel in flash, and ships with full schematics. It costs only $750, which is quite inexpensive for reference boards (which never see high volumes of sales).

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Genesi's Open Server Workstation

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Mar 152006

Since their initial announcement last September, we have heard absolutely nothing about Genesi’s planned “Open Server Workstation,” a dual-processor dual-core 970MP system. No details were given on design or timeline, and the company has been noticeably quiet on the subject since then. Today Genesi has posted a high-level block diagram of the motherboard on their weblog (along with no other details), and also wants to get feedback on a Power.org Developer Conference.

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Terra Soft Releases New Y-HPC Distribution

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Mar 152006

Terra Soft Solutions, long-time supporters of PowerPC Linux with their Yellow Dog Linux distribution, have released a new version of their Y-HPC distribution for high-performance computing clusters. Y-HPC 4.1 is based on YDL 4.1, but also includes an assortment of clustering software such as Ganglia, TORQUE, OpenMPI, and more. Y-HPC is espescially targeted at Apple G5 Xserve clusters, and is available for $650 for an entire cluster (rather than $100 per node, its earlier pricing model).

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FSMLabs Puts RTLinux on AMCC Processors

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Mar 132006

FSMLabs has released RTLinux for AMCC’s 440EP and 440GP embedded PowerPC, claiming worst case interrupt latency of 3.5 microseconds on a 533MHz 440EP system.

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Cell Heart at CEBIT

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Mar 132006

At CEBIT, IBM is demonstrating a fully interactive, beating, 3D model of the human heart. Built in PV-4D, and running on a cluster of prototype Cell blades, the demo took three months to optimize for the Cell architecture. The article touches on some of the challenges that lie ahead for Cell software developers…

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Gentoo 2006.0 with Extra-Special PowerPC Goodness

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Mar 032006

Gentoo’s latest 2006.0 release improves both 64- and 32-bit PowerPC support, including support for the latest Apple systems. Thanks in part to hardware contributions from IBM, it also contains precompiled POWER5-optimized binaries, and the 64-bit distribution can now gain the performance advantage of a 32-bit userland.

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New Macraigor JTAG Tools

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Mar 022006

Macraigor Systems is set to release two USB-based JTAG hardware debuggers next month, supporting most PowerPC processors from AMCC, IBM, and Motorola/Freescale. Of particular interest to the hobbiest: the cheaper (slower) model will cost US$210.

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