DENX Releases Embedded Linux Development Kit 4.1

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Jan 312007

DENX, makers of the popular Embedded Linux Development Kit (ELDK), have just released version 4.1. ELDK includes tools for cross-compilation, creating the root filesystem for the target platform, and support for multiple architectures. ELDK 4.1 is based on the Linux kernel and supports all AMCC evaluation boards.

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Details on PA Semi's 1682M

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Jan 222007

PA Semi presented a 32-page PDF at the Bus & Board conference last week in Los Angeles. The presentation goes into detail about their 64-bit PA6T core and the 1682M System-on-Chip (SoC) built around it, and the low-power/high-performance goals they were designed with. It also mentions that the 1682M is now sampling.

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Terra Soft Solutions Sponsors Cell Hack-A-Thon

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Jan 152007

Terra Soft Solutions is hosting a hack-a-thon in Loveland, Colorado to port applications to the Cell architecture. Developers from IBM, Mercury, and RapidMind will be present, and attendees from lots of universities and national laboratories have registered. The free session will be a full week, taking place from 19 through 27 Jan 2007, and apparently will feature lots of clean Colorado lifestyle.

This seems to be the kick-off event of TSS’s new HPC Consortium.

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PowerPC at ISSCC 2007

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Jan 102007

Looks like IBM will be presenting some information on POWER6 at the 2007 International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), hopefully including some information they haven’t made public so far. Also, PA Semi will be presenting information about the 1682M, their 2GHz dual-core PowerPC consuming only 25W, which will be exciting to see.

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Debian for PlayStation 3

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Jan 102007

There is an experimental installer image to install Debian on a PlayStation 3. Looks like a few rough edges still, but if your PlayStation isn’t into Gentoo or Fedora then it can now be happy.

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Gentoo CDs for PlayStation 3

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Jan 032007

Gentoo now has a beta install CD and live CD for the PlayStation 3. To minimize compile time on the 256MB platform, they’re looking into hosting pre-built binaries for large packages like KDE and Open Office.

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IBM POWER6 Blade Planned

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Dec 072006

IBM’s current PowerPC blades, JS20 and JS21, are built with 970 processors. We can now expect to see blades built around POWER6, apparently close to the launch of POWER6 servers in mid-2007. No mention was made of the heat and power challenges for such platforms, or the price tag.

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KillerNIC Contest

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Dec 012006

KillerNIC is a company who recently released their first product, a “gaming” PCI ethernet card. This card does some network offloading to reduce load on the host processor, improving frame rates. The card actually contains a PowerPC 400MHz 8343e with 64MB RAM, and KillerNIC is encouraging developers to write applications for the card by starting an open source development contest. A web server is worth US$5000, a peer-to-peer file sharing application US$2500, and there are other prizes as well.

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Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 Ships

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Nov 272006

Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 for Playstation 3 has shipped. According to the schedule, it’s available now for paying customers, and will be freely available in a month. Also by the end of the year they expect to support Apple PowerMacs.

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Vine Linux 4.0 Released

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Nov 242006

Version 4.0 of Vine Linux, a Japanese distribution that’s been around for years, has just been released. It’s hard to say what the new features are (see for some information), but it apparently still supports Old World Macintosh as well as New World, with a graphical yaboot installer and everything.

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