This page lists what most Oldworld PowerMacs should use for OpenFirmware settings with the Quik bootloader. Problems and Quirks with certian PowerMacs can be found on this page.

auto-boot? true

Set this to No, If You Want to See the OpenFirmware Prompt on Boot, and not automatically boot the OS set by default in OpenFirmware. This should work on all models.

output-device video

Many models use different settings for this, see quirks page.
ttya uses input from the modem port, ttyb from the printer port. To use another computer to modify OF settings using the modem or printer port, you should use a null modem cable to connect between the two models, a program that allows you to talk directly to a modem (such as zmodem in Mac OS or minicom in Linux), and the following settings: Data Rate = 38400, Data Bits = 8, Parity = None, and Stop Bits = 1.

input-device kbd

This should work on all models.

boot-device scsi/sd@1:0

There are several different settings you may want for this (certain machines have quirks with these):

  • Floppy-boot – boot-device fd:vmlinux.coff
  • SCSI – boot-device scsi/sd@1:0
  • ATA – boot-device ata/ata-disk@0:0

boot-file boot-file /boot/vmlinux root=/dev/hdaX video=”atyfb:vmode:17:cmode:16″

boot-file is essentially the same as “More Kernel Arguments” in BootX, except the first phrase must be the path to vmlinux on your Linux partition, and the second one should point to the root partition (only required if Linux is not on the first bootable partition of your system). The third or later phrases may state things like video mode to boot Linux into, what runlevel to start into, etc.

boot-command boot

The default boot-command of bye needs to be changed to boot, if you want to run Linux (bye starts up Mac OS ROM). If you have a Hard Drive that takes a long time to spin up, and causes “DEFAULT CATCH!” errors when booting Linux. If that is a problem, try

boot-command begin ['] boot catch 1000 ms cr again

load-base XXXXX

Some Oldworld Macs will require you to change the Load-base to boot Linux. Do NOT change this on a colorful Newworld Mac, as it will render your system unbootable. Otherwise, it’s safe to leave this setting alone.

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