Quik is an Open Firmware-based bootloader for Old World Macintosh with Open Firmware version < 3.0, CHRP, and Apple Network Servers. It’s similar (in purpose and concept) to yaboot, which is used on CHRP and New World Macintosh with Open Firmware version >= 3.0. It does not run from Mac OS, and does not require Mac OS or an HFS partition to exist on
your hard drive.

Because it’s very dependent on Open Firmware, and because the Open Firmware on Old World Macintosh is very buggy and difficult to work with, much of the information on this page describes how to work around firmware problems.


Current quik source can be found at the shiner.info quik page.

For historical purposes only: quik-2.0e.tar.gz

Quik Basics

Common Settings – the settings most powermacs use with quik

Quirks – mac specific open firmware issues

ext3 & quik – avoid headaches by keeping a ext2 partition for quik

Won’t Boot – when quik refuses to startup

Useful Software

  • pmac-utils – used for setting boot variables from linux
  • Apple System Disk – used for setting boot variables from mac os on newer oldworld macs
  • BootVars – used for setting boot variables from Mac OS on older Old World Macs
  • Andi Payn’s Bootmenu– a bootvars configuration that creates a bootmenu
  • Quik 1.3.0 for MacOS – install quik from Mac OS

Related Sites

NetBSD Support Page – lists Open Firmware quirks for both New World and Old World Macintosh.

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