Replacement mailing lists

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Sep 102004

Due to continuing downtime, a replacement ppc64 development mailing list has been created. No word yet on estimated uptime for the old server. If other replacement lists are created we will post them here.

Update: a replacement ppc32 development list has been created as well. The new list is intended for all ppc32 development topics, including embedded systems.

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lists.linuxppc.org downtime

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Sep 062004

lists.linuxppc.org went down last week due to an unexpected DSL disconnection. It was supposed to be up by 3 Sep, but that hasn’t happened, and now emails requesting more information have begun to bounce. Hopefully this will be fixed soon; in the meantime there doesn’t seem to be a contingency plan in place for the linuxppc.org domain…

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Porting contest and free ppc64 access

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Aug 312004

IBM has launched a porting contest for developers to port applications to Linux on Power. Sign up to win prizes while having fun and being productive.

To aid in the process, free ppc64 shell access is now available at the University of Portland’s Linux on Power Portal.

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SciTech SNAP and SNAP Boot

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Aug 312004

SciTech today released SNAP Boot, a PPC emulator for the x86 BIOS found on most video cards. SNAP Boot is intended to be used with SNAP Graphics, SciTech’s system for OS-independent driver libraries to ease development and maintenance of writing many OS drivers for the same hardware.

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PowerPC support added to exploit kit

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Aug 182004

The release notes for Metasploit Framework v2.2 list the addition of PPC payloads and encoders. Metasploit “is an advanced open-source exploit development platform.” It’s nice to be loved.

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PowerPC on the corporate desktop?

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Aug 182004

In the latest IBM Power newsletter, Genesi, makers of the Pegasos PPC motherboard, described their work with the Avalanche Cooperative to investigate a PowerPC-based Desktop Reference Platform for corporate users.

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Porting Contest (suggestions needed)

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Aug 152004

A yet-unnamed organization will be sponsoring awards for writing or porting Linux applications to PowerPC Linux. Two lists of x86 applications will be offered to choose from, and the first 100 successful developers in each category win. Each project’s maintainers will judge the submissions. Have any suggestions for the lists?

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Jul 112004

The webmaster finally got a job where he is allowed to have a personal life so get ready for more updates and an all around better job. Of course, we always have a need for prolific people and people to donate to our host CCCP. In the next few weeks this site will hopefully have the dead links fixed, ppc64 content added, a more dynamic news engine for end users and an information console to help aid developers. Ethan Benson, Hollis Blanchard, Jeramy Smith, Owen Stampflee, Kevin Hendricks, Dan Malek and other busy people with real jobs and hobbies are helping make this a better resource for you, Joe User. With all of those brains working on a project, we will either find a cure for cancer or make a web page with more than three colors.

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IBM developerWorks updates

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Jul 022004

There are some good bits on IBM about Migrating Windows apps to Linux on Power Architecture and Performance Inspector on PPC Linux.

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OpenOffice 1.1.2

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Jun 232004

The PPC build of OpenOffice.org’s latest release is now available! Changes include easier font installation and numerous bugfixes.

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