Oracle Plans

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Oct 182004

Oracle has announced their plans to continue support for PowerPC Linux on IBM servers. While only unsupported “Developer’s Releases” are available now, they intend to release a “Client” and later an “Enterprise Edition” of Oracle Database 10g in the future.

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Pegasos Updates

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Oct 112004

The Avalanche Debian/Pegasos corporate desktop pilot is going forward; Yellow Dog is the official Board Support Package (BSP) from Freescale for Pegasos, and somehow it escaped our notice that Pegasos is an official development board for Freescale.

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Kuro Box

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Oct 102004

Last week, Buffalo Technology announced a new product line called “Revolution”, aimed at hackers and techies. The first product is the Kuro Box, a $160 200MHz 82xx-based system with onboard ethernet, USB, IDE, and a stylish case. This is the cheapest hacker-friendly PowerPC system out there… get ’em while they last.

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Yellow Dog Linux v4.0

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Sep 292004

YDL4 has gone Gold Master, supporting Macintosh and PegasosII systems. It should ship on CD in two weeks, or is available for immediate download with a YDL.net account.

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CRUX PPC 2.0 Released

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Sep 282004

Version 2.0 of CRUX PPC has been released, and works on Macintosh and PegasosII systems.

The CRUX PPC team will also be at the Freescale Smart Networks Developer Forum 2004 in Frankfurt, where they will present the CRUX 2.0 PowerPC port.

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IBM developerWorks Power Zone

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Sep 282004

IBM developerWorks has started a “Power Architecture Zone” which collects all sorts of information related to PowerPC, from hardware design to software.

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New penguinppc.org

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Sep 232004

It took a lot longer than we expected, but we’re happy to finally unveil the new website. Some better page layout and organization, actual news archives and searching, consolidated 64-bit pages, some helpful information that may have been common knowledge but wasn’t written down anywhere, and there are still a few more improvements on the to-do list. If you have any trouble finding things please let us know.

However, we liked the old color scheme. 😉

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Gentoo PPC Developers Scheming

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Sep 192004

Looks like a handful of Gentoo PPC developers will be plotting by torchlight in a German castle near the Freescale Smart Networks Developer Conference (SNDF).

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Terra Soft Solutions helps power US Navy

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Sep 192004

A partially accurate LinuxJournal article lists a variety of PPC wins, including Yellow Dog Linux in two military deployments.

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Sep 122004

IBM has released a Linux-only POWER5 LPAR-capable system called the OpenPower. (LPAR technology allows you to run many instances of Linux on the same server using shared processors and hardware resources through virtualization.) For reference, the basic model costs 1/4 what a similar AIX-capable model costs. It looks like the first move towards making AIX a legacy OS and Linux a nextgen OS is here.

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