PowerPC licensing

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Jan 132005

A long and interesting article from IBM on the business of licensing PowerPC technology, the AMCC purchase of IBM’s embedded 4xx PowerPC, recent industry interest in PowerPC, the importance of power.org, and more.

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IBM & Novell claim world record on TPC-H benchmark

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Jan 062005

A benchmark “world record” for non-clustered TPC-H was set by an IBM OpenPower 720 system running SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9. (Two OpenPower 720s also scored well in a clustered TPC-H run.) The OpenPower 720 is the (64-bit) POWER5-based system that starts at US$5000, which is remarkably inexpensive for POWER hardware…

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IBM write-up on penguinppc.org

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Jan 042005

After email interviews with some penguinppc contributors, IBM wrote a lengthy description of penguinppc.org for their Linux on POWER web pages.

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Production Release for Oracle Database 10g Release 1

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Jan 042005

Before the New Year, Oracle rolled out its planned “Production Release” of Oracle Database 10g for PowerPC Linux. While they had previously made a “Developer’s Release” available for versions 9i and 10g, this is the first official product release for them on PPC Linux. This accomplishment will add even more legitimacy to the prospect of PowerPC Linux in the eyes of potential business users.

Update: This is only the “Client” software.

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More Kuro Coverage

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Dec 202004

IBM developerWorks is running an article about the Kuro box, the $160 PowerPC embedded platform, including setup and a strange “test” of a text adventure game, which apparently is very important to the author. (Refer also to our own story about Kuro history.)

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Other PPC Linux Websites

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Dec 202004

A few other interesting PPC Linux websites have come to our attention recently, so we’ve added them to our links and we’d like to make sure you know about them. ppcnerds seem to have a lot more time to dig up news than we do… 😉 Next, fans of web forums should have a look at the PPC Zone, which is a little Pegasos-centric but has other interesting topics as well.

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Free SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 for PowerPC

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Dec 142004

IBM and Novell have worked out a deal where Independent Software Vendors can register for a free copy of SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 (SLES 9) for PowerPC. This version comes with only 90 days of updates/errata, so is intended for porting software rather than production use.

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IBM Interviews Kai Staats

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Dec 032004

IBM has published an interview with Kai Staats, CEO and founder of Terra Soft Solutions, on its Linux on POWER pages. The questions range from Yellow Dog Linux in comparison to Mac OS X, the Y-HPC 64-bit distribution, and Terra Soft’s progress and relationship to IBM.

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December Power Newsletter

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Dec 022004

IBM’s December Power Newsletter has been released. Included are some articles about PowerPC system-on-a-chip, set-top boxes, and some notes about why the 970FX needs external help to boot. It also introduces a mysterious website, power.org, which apparently will be important but so far doesn’t seem to have any content at all.

Update: a developerWorks article reveals more about power.org: apparently it will be a home to many committees.

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Ars Technica: POWER interview, 970 user manual

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Dec 012004

Ars Technica comments on a recent developerWorks interview with an IBM POWER performance architect. As a bonus, they note at the bottom that a 970 user manual has finally been released to the public, which has been a long-standing omission.

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