More Cell Details

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Feb 112005

This long article takes an even more detailed look at the first Cell processor’s architecture, including the interconnect, the lack of branch prediction in the coprocessors, similar simplifications in the main ppc64 core, and the Rambus memory controller.

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x86 vs PowerPC: Early Boot Comparison

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Feb 112005

developerWorks has a new article up highlighting some of the differences in the boot process on x86 and PowerPC, with an emphasis on firmware and embedded systems.

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Serious Cell Explanation

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Feb 092005

Now that IBM is presenting the Cell architecture at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference this week, Ars Technica has jumped in with some serious technical information, including the SIMD processing units and the Cell Architecture.

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Cell Processor Announced

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Feb 082005

For a pleasant change, actual substantiated information about the upcoming Cell processor has been announced at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference. Cell will contain a 64-bit Power processor, ridiculous memory bandwidth via a Rambus XDR memory bus, and will first ship in the PlayStation 3, but could see other uses in the future. Additional coverage is also available with slightly more technical information.

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OpenPower 710

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Jan 252005

The original OpenPower model was the 720: 4U rackmount, 1-4 way POWER5, $5000 starting price. IBM has just announced the next model, the 710: 2U rackmount, 1-2 way POWER5, $3500 starting price, making POWER5 servers even more accessible to the budget-conscious…

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Cell Architecture Explained

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Jan 212005

A breathless and at times speculative explanation of the upcoming Cell processor architecture, designed by IBM, a couple Sonys, and Toshiba. Cell will contain multiple coprocessors along with a 64-bit Power processor core, and workloads that can take advantage of the coprocessors (such as multimedia) are expected to be very fast.

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PowerPC Emulation

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Jan 202005

A new developerWorks article describes some PowerPC emulators, for all those PPC-curious x86 users…

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User Mode Linux for PowerPC

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Jan 202005

LynuxWorks has ported User Mode Linux to PowerPC, and sent their work to the UML developers. User Mode Linux is a technology that allows multiple Linux kernels to run on the same machine, which facilitates kernel debugging, isolating buggy or malicious software, and more.

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Freescale PowerPC Linux developer site

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Jan 172005

Freescale (formerly Motorola) has launched their own developer website for PowerPC Linux developers. Not a whole lot of articles up yet, but valuable links to their documentation library and Altivec sections.

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PowerPC in embedded projects

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Jan 132005

developerWorks has yet another interesting PowerPC article, this one aimed at those curious about the embedded space. Using the inexpensive Kuro box as a platform, the author compares PowerPC to x86 and ARM in embedded applications. In future articles, the author promises to teach us how to use the Kuro for autonomous vehicle control, with sensors and even some machine vision.

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