AMCC introduces 440GR

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Mar 162005

Expected to ship in the second quarter of 2005, AMCC has introduced the 440GR, based on the embedded 440 core licensed from IBM. The 440GR cuts power consumption, has two onboard 100Mb ethernet ports, and gets dramatically better performance than its predecessors.

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Gentoo Selling Open Desktop Workstation

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Mar 162005

New promotion: for every Pegasos-based Open Desktop Workstation bought via Gentoo’s online ordering system, Genesi will donate US$100 to the Gentoo Foundation.

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Return of the Porting Contest

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Mar 152005

IBM has launched another porting contest: port, write, or optimize Linux applications for PowerPC and win prizes, and this time the contest is international. Prizes include cash, G5s, and Segways. (Remember, folks without PPC hardware can get free access via the University of Portland or the University of Augsburg.)

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Open Source Altivec Library

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Mar 142005

In addition to the closed-source libmotovec, work has begun on “altivectorize”, open source optimized versions of common libc functions. Some code is available now, but it is still in a very raw form. Eventually the author hopes to submit it as a glibc patch.

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Bootable CD HOWTO

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Mar 072005

IBM has contributed a HOWTO to penguinppc.org for building CDs that are bootable on IBM “Linux on POWER” systems, including JS20 blades and OpenPower systems.

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Linux patches for 83xx support

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Mar 062005

Patches have been posted for Freescale’s 83xx (“PowerQuicc II Pro”) line of embedded processors. The PowerQUICC II Pro (83xx) family is the follow-on to the 82xx, based on the e300 core with DDR memory, Gigabit Ethernet, PCI and Hi-Speed USB controllers.

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Freescale and Genesi in China

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Mar 062005

Freescale and a division of China’s Ministry of Information Industry have collaborated to create a PowerPC-based development lab equipped with Genesi’s Open Desktop Workstations. In addition to the Freescale press release relating a Chinese legend, Genesi has put out their own press release complete with a company statement in Chinese. Update: Freescale has removed their legend, reverting to a plain old press release.

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Porting from Solaris to PPC Linux

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Mar 062005

A IBM developerWorks article offers suggestions for Solaris software developers, including differences in endianness, toolchains, Java, system calls, and signals.

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MareNostrum: PPC970 supercomputer

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Feb 182005

The February Power Architecture Community Newsletter is out. Though light on technical details, it describes how IBM built MareNostrum, currently one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world, in less than a year using Linux on off-the-shelf 970FX-based JS20 blade servers.

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CentOS for ppc32

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Feb 152005

Looks like the CentOS folks just recently released a beta for PowerMac, including some “alpha quality” Mac Mini support. CentOS is a freely distributable OS built from Red Hat Enterprise Linux source, for people who want stability without the cost of certification and support.

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