penguinppc.org Server Moved

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Nov 292005

The server which has hosted penguinppc.org for many years began experiencing apparent hardware errors last week. Thanks to their generous offer, we have moved the site to the ppckernel.org server at Oregon State University’s Open Source Lab, which graciously agreed to host us. To report any breakage, please email the webmaster.

We would like to remind all users and sysadmins out there to reverify your backup plans.

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Pegasos Board Design Opened

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Nov 182005

Genesi, makers of the Pegasos PowerPC motherboard, have decided to make the full board design available as a free download. It will only be available to Power.org members, but they claim that there will soon be a free Developer member category…

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Mercury and Terra Soft Announce Board Support Package for Cell Blade

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Nov 152005

Mercury Computer Systems and Terra Soft Solutions announced that Terra Soft will be providing the Board Support Package (BSP) for the upcoming Mercury Cell Blade system.

On a related note, Mercury announced a doublewide dual-processor Cell blade in October, and are demonstrating it at SC|05. They also intend to provide Eclipse-based software development tools for Cell, which will be critical for easily taking advantage of the Cell’s relatively exotic architecture. The blade is expected to be generally available in the second quarter of 2006.

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Mercury Announces Cell-based Turismo System

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Nov 152005

Mercury announced their development of a Cell-based server named Turismo, four of which will somehow fit into 5U of rack space (it’s possible that Turismo is a PCI Express card). Turismo is expected to be generally available in “early 2007,” so details are still scarce, but it sounds like each Turismo will contain four Cell processors, gigabit ethernet, PCIe connectivity to a host system, and the Yellow Dog Linux Board Support Package.

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Y-Bio Bioinformatics System

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Nov 152005

From SC|05, Terra Soft Solutions announced Y-Bio, a set of bioinformatics packages that install on top of a Yellow Dog Linux, Red Hat, or SUSE Linux system. It also includes a web-based systems management tool which can help manage single systems or clusters.

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Cell Software Development Kit Released

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Nov 112005

The Cell Broadband Engine (CBE) Software Development Kit Version 1.0 has been released. Included are a Cell simulator, gcc and XL C compilers, and other development tools.

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Mupper 1.0 Rescue CD

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Nov 032005

Mupper is a rescue CD for Pegasos systems. It has just reached version 1.0, and includes a variety of disk and network tools, and supports a wide variety of filesystems.

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SourceForge Adds OpenPower 720 to Compile Farm

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Nov 032005

IBM has contributed a POWER5-based OpenPower 720 to the SourceForge compile farm, where SourceForge developers can use it to port to or develop for PowerPC Linux. Although the compile farm contains two Macs running Mac OS X, this is the first appearence of PPC Linux.

Other publically-accessible PPC Linux machines are hosted at the University of Portland, the University of Augsburg, and Peking University.

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Power Architecture Community Calendar

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Nov 022005

IBM developerWorks has a community calendar up, listing Xbox 360 coverage, P.A. Semiconductor’s PWRficient CPU, upcoming IBM 970MP blades, a new Marvell bridge chip (due 1Q 2006), a Chinese company called UDTech will be making AMCC’s evaluation boards, and a whole lot more…

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IBM developerWorks on the MOAB 3011

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Oct 262005

IBM developerWorks has a look at the TAMS MOAB 3011, a $650 405GPr-based development system that fits in a PCI slot (in a passive PCI backplane, not the kind in your workstation).

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