SUSE Linux 10.1 on an iPod

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Jun 212006

Linux.com has an article up describing how to install SUSE Linux 10.1 on an iPod (as has been possible with Yellow Dog Linux for some time). It sounds like a pretty bumpy ride.

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Power.org Podcasts

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Jun 192006

Power.org has posted two podcasts to their weblog. The first features a couple executives from IBM and Freescale uttering marketing over a music loop. The second, also featuring one IBM and one Freescale speaker, offers a few more details. Both feature an unnamed and overly interested host.

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Valgrind, Now With PPC64 Goodness

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Jun 152006

Valgrind 3.2.0 was recently released. In addition to the ppc32 support its had for a while, this is the first release that supports ppc64 code. Several distributions are known to work, POWER5 is supported, and code built with either gcc or IBM’s xlc compilers works as well.

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Tundra Semiconductor Q4 Results

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Jun 072006

Tundra Semiconductor, who acquired the MPC10x line of PowerPC host bridges from Motorola, had a good quarter but a bad year. Also, their CFO resigned.

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Veritas for PowerPC Linux

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Jun 072006

IBM announced that Symantec has agreed to port a bunch of high availability, volume and file system management software to Linux on POWER, including a few Veritas products. They’re expected to be available by the end of the year.

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IBM JS21 Blades Power Seismic Cluster

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Jun 052006

IBM has deployed a cluster of over 2800 JS21 blades at Compagnie Générale de Géophysique (CGG) in France for seismic analysis. The recently-announced JS21 features a pair of dual-core PowerPC 970MP processors, and is fast. CGG has added Altivec support to their Geocluster software, which is interesting because they also claim to replace their computing infrastructure every two years.

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Open Server Workstation Availability

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Jun 012006

In a comment on the new Power.org weblog, Genesi announced that their upcoming PowerPC 970 “Open Server Workstation” will be available for US$1600, possibly even by the end of the month.

Also, Power.org now has a weblog.

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Mercury Offers 3U dual-7448 cPCI Product

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May 172006

Mercury Computer Systems, the folks who brought you the 970FX-based XR9 and a few Cell products, is now offering a 3U PowerPC Compact PCI single-board computer (SBC). The system offers 1GB ECC memory, two 1.4GHz Freescale 7448 processors, and some IO for US$6000. Board support packages (BSPs) for Linux and VxWorks are available.

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P.A. Semi Investment, 16-core chip, and Fab

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May 172006

The Register, the most reputable source of online news, reports that P.A. Semi recently raised US$50 million in investments. If you’ll recall, P.A. Semi is the startup that announced last year that they would be producing a 2-core 2GHz 7-watt PowerPC processor. Now they reportedly have designed a 16-core chip as well, and like Sun Microsystems may be using Texas Instruments as their fab (fabrication plant).

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Making of the Xbox 360

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May 012006

There is an interesting account of the making of the Xbox 360, including a look at Microsoft’s relationship with ATI and what drove them to IBM PowerPC for their CPU.

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