Genesi's 970MP TetraPower Motherboard

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Nov 112006

The motherboard for the Open Server Workstation, named TetraPower, has gone on sale for US$15000 (yes, that’s three zeroes). It features two dual-core 970MP processors (with IBM CPC945 northbridge), and uses Broadcom’s HT-2000 and HT-1000 for IO.

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Genesi Announces 8641D Platform

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Nov 012006

Genesi has indicated they will be building a platform for Freescale’s 8641D. The 8641D is essentially a dual-core 7448 with on-chip IO, such as PCI-Express, RapidIO, and a DDR2 controller. No specifics about the platform were provided except that “the board will have as much flexibility as the Pegasos.”

Update: it seems there will be two platforms here. The first is a reference design, which you can order now for US$4000 and will ship in 6 to 8 weeks. The second will be a Pegasos based on the reference design.

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Open Server Workstation Preorders

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Oct 302006

Apparently named “Open Server Workstation” once again (no longer “game platform“?), Genesi announced that they will be accepting preorders for their PowerPC 970MP system this week. One assumes that details about availability will be provided soon.

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PowerPC Roadmap

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Oct 302006

Power.org has posted a consolidated PowerPC roadmap. P.A. Semi is absent from the chart, and perhaps not coincidentally is not listed on the member roster either. More importantly, this “roadmap” is perhaps unique in that it focuses more on the past than on the future.

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Terra Soft Builds Cell Cluster

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Oct 252006

Terra Soft Solutions was contracted by Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. (SCEI) to develop and manage a Cell cluster. They built a new lab at their headquarters in Colorado, and will host two clusters there. The first will be for software development, while the second (and larger) will be made available to universities and Department of Energy life science research. According to SCEI, the clusters will prove that the Cell processor is not just for games. The clusters are scheduled to be operational by the end of 2006.

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Yellow Dog Linux on the PlayStation 3

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Oct 252006

Terra Soft Solutions has announced that Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 will support the PlayStation 3 (PS3). Sony Computer Entertainment Inc (SCEI) sent them pre-release hardware for development and testing. Much is made of the Enlightenment E17 desktop environment, since they argue that Gnome and KDE desktop environments wouldn’t fit into the PS3’s 256MB of RAM.

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IBM Previews the POWER6

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Oct 242006

POWER6 in a nutshell: 5GHz, high memory bandwidth, scalability, AltiVec, binary-coded decimal, error recovery. The chip is due to be generally available in mid-2007, so more information will probably be presented at ISSCC in Feb 2007.

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Update to PowerPC glibc Optimizations

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Oct 232006

Steve Munroe has posted an update to the “powerpc-cpu” project, which provides PowerPC optimizations for glibc. This update includes additional math library optimizations for POWER4 (and higher), POWER5+, and POWER6X. This version also includes a long double based slowpow (for double) implementation that is 30 X faster then the MPA-based implementation.

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New PowerPCs from IBM

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Oct 052006

IBM released two new PowerPC and announced some other stuff. First the new processors: 750CL and 970GX. Some refinements on previous models, but nothing too exciting. The 970GX is a single-core follow-on to the 970FX, runs up to 2.5 GHz, and doubles the L2 cache. The 750CL consumes even less power than previous 750s, and runs up to 1 GHz. Aside from the processors, the CPC965 970 northbridge will be available in March 2007, and there will be some new 32-bit 460 cores later in 2007.

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Genesi's Open Server Workstation Now Called "Game Platform"

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Sep 242006

Genesi has posted the same block diagram from the “Open Server Workstation” way back, named it a “Game Platform”, and said “development is finished”. In a previous weblog comment they had announced it would be available in June, but no availability update has been provided.

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