Terra Soft Announces Hack-a-thon II

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Aug 042007

Terra Soft Solutions, who hosted the original Hack-a-thon for Cell application development in January, has announced that Hack-a-thon II will be held in Austin next month, overlapping with the Power Architecture Developer Conference. Although only four days this time, the event will give programmers an opportunity to write and run code on a Sony PLAYSTATION 3 cluster.

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MontaVista Joins Power.org

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Jun 282007

MontaVista, a major vendor of embedded Linux distributions and tools, has joined Power.org to “enhance open standard software and hardware.”

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8572E Simulation Support in Simics

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Jun 182007

Somehow it escaped our attention that Freescale announced their 8572E processor, which is sampling now and will be available in Q2 2008. 8572E is a dual-core part using e500 cores, aimed at high-end networking applications. Anyways, there is now support for it in Virtutech’s Simics full-system simulator, which should greatly speed software development before the hardware is widely available, and also features advanced debugging facilities.

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New P.A. Semi Boards

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Jun 172007

There are a few new boards based on P.A. Semi’s 1682M board. First we have some from Mercury, who previously have used 970 processors. Mercury also had previously verified their Scientific Algorithm Library (SAL) on P.A. Semi’s core, and will be using 1682M in signal and image processing.

Next is the Themis PrPMC Module, which they have named “TPA-XMC” (and you thought 1682M didn’t roll off the tongue). Themis is going after networking, wireless infrastruction, storage, and military/aerospace with the PrPMC-XMC form factor.

Finally, an 18-core ATCA card named XCalibur1411, from Extreme Engineering. Since the 1682M doesn’t support off-chip coherence, this is more like a cluster-on-a-board rather than SMP. According to Extreme Engineering, this is the fourth P.A. Semi board they’ve designed.

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SAM440EP Limited Availability

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May 292007

The SAM440ep board is now available to “selected partners”. The board contains an AMCC 440EP processor, plus onboard ATI graphics, SATA controller, USB, and most interestingly a LatticeXP FPGA device. No word yet on pricing.

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Interview with Xbox 360 Architect

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May 292007

MSDN “Channel 9” has posted an interview with Nick Baker, hardware architect for the Xbox 360. There is a fair amount of high-level discussion about the multi-core programming model, which Microsoft apparently selected even while Intel was still pushing a “bigger is better” philosophy. This brought Microsoft to IBM’s 3-core dual-thread processor used by the Xbox 360.

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Titan: AMCC's New 2GHz Core

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May 202007

AMCC has announced the Titan, a 440-compatible core that can reach 2.0GHz while consuming only 2.5W. The Titan is designed for multi-core implementations, and uses the older 90nm fabiraction process, which should mean lower production costs.

Update: EETimes has much more informative article.

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EFIKA Price Cut

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May 202007

The price of Genesi’s EFIKA motherboard, featuring a PowerPC 5200B, has been cut from US$199 to US$99. The price of the “EFIKA Open Client”, which includes a case and hardware options, remains unchanged.

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IBM POWER6 This Week

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May 202007

After years of development, IBM will be announcing POWER6 this week. The dual-core dual-thread chip supports AltiVec and will run at 4-5GHz. It will be shipped in IBM servers and blades later this year.

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IBM Licenses 405 and 440 to VeriSilicon

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May 092007

IBM has licensed 405 and 440 cores to VeriSilicon, a fabless processor design company that appears to be based in Shanghai. VeriSilicon will provide silicon manufacturers with silicon design, SoC (system-on-a-chip) peripherials, etc. They already have licenses for ARM and ZSP processors.

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