The Linux community is open for anyone to get involved. The PowerPC community, being smaller, often has more need for people to help out even for smaller, easily-accomplished tasks.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are the ideal place to find answers and help others with their own questions. You don’t need to subscribe in order to post, but it’s a good idea. The PowerPC Linux development mailing list is hosted at There are two important rules for getting the help you want and not annoying people in the process: Search the list archives first — your question may have already been answered. Make sure you post your question to the right list — if you’re having trouble installing a distribution and you post your question to the linuxppc-dev list, you won’t get any help but you will get annoyed emails.

IRC: Internet Relay Chat

Mailing lists reach the widest audience, but for interactive discussion IRC is the answer. There is a variety of graphical or text-based IRC clients, including xchat and irssi. You can get some introductory help on the web from sites like If you ask a question and nobody answers, be patient. Many people are gone or working on other things. Wait patiently and resist the urge to repeat the same question over and over again.

Relevant channels on freenode include #mklinux and #ppc64, #ppclinux, #debianppc, #gentoo-ppc, and #crux.

Getting Involved

  • Join IRC channels and mailing lists and help answer questions! You’ll learn a lot too, just by reading the ongoing discussions.
  • Favorite software project? You don’t need to be a developer:
    • help create PPC packages for it
    • test often, and tell the developers or open bug reports when they accidentally break PPC
    • just reminding developers that they have PPC users will encourage them to think about portability
    • if the PPC packages require special steps to install, contribute to the installation guide
    • for software like device drivers, contribute to the “supported hardware” list and make sure PPC is listed
    • help other PPC users on the project’s mailing lists and forums. The more noise we make, the more popular we seem. 🙂
  • Web developer? Author? You can help us with this website!
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