Despite the impression you might get, things have actually happened in PowerPC Linux land in the past six months. We’ve just been slacking.

  • A-EON announced they’re actually using PA Semi’s end-of-lifed PWRficient 1682 processor in their upcoming AmigaOne X1000 system. PA Semi was acquired by Apple in 2008, and the processor was killed in order to refocus that team on ARM processors for mobile devices. So that’s weird.
  • AppliedMicro (formerly AMCC) announced their PacketPro line of processors. The family includes single and dual PowerPC 465 processors, and they’ve announced a partnership with ENEA for the OSE real-time operating system.
  • Sysgo’s PikeOS now runs SMP on Freescale e500 and e600 multi-core processors.
  • announced that the code for Android port to the PowerPC 460, done by Mentor Graphics, is now available. Actually, it seems to have been available since last year, but was announced more recently.
  • Probably more. Send us email.

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