At FTF this week, Freescale announced their first 64-bit core, the e5500. It will be used in the P5010 and P5020 SoCs, both members of the “P5” family of their QorIQ brand. The processors, which can run at 2.2 GHz, are aimed at improving single-thread performance for control plane applications, where Freescale says its customers have had difficultly developing software that can take advantage of the eight e500mc cores in P4080. According to Freescale, the need for a 64-bit address space was driven by the expanding memory footprint of network routing tables.

Also announced was the P3041, a four-core e500mc processor that uses less than half the power of the eight-core P4080, and includes a RAID5/6 hardware accelerator.

Simulators will be available next month, and all three processors will sample in 4Q 2010, with availability in the second half of 2011. EETimes has additional coverage.

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