Freescale’s marketing folks have outdone themselves this time. While their core-to-chip numbering is mostly intelligible (e.g. 85xx chips use the e500 core), “PowerQUICC” generations have been a little more confusing. Now, in addition to PowerQUICC, they’ve introduced a new product line named “QorIQ” (pronounced “Core IQ”). Within the QorIQ line, there are five “platforms”, P1 through P5. Each platform encompasses multiple processors, so QorIQ P1 includes P1010, P1011, and P1020. Platforms 1 through 3 use and e500v2 (and maybe v1?) core, but P4 uses the new e500mc core, which can scale up to 8 cores on the P4080 processor. P5 is still a mystery.

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