There are a few new boards based on P.A. Semi’s 1682M board. First we have some from Mercury, who previously have used 970 processors. Mercury also had previously verified their Scientific Algorithm Library (SAL) on P.A. Semi’s core, and will be using 1682M in signal and image processing.

Next is the Themis PrPMC Module, which they have named “TPA-XMC” (and you thought 1682M didn’t roll off the tongue). Themis is going after networking, wireless infrastruction, storage, and military/aerospace with the PrPMC-XMC form factor.

Finally, an 18-core ATCA card named XCalibur1411, from Extreme Engineering. Since the 1682M doesn’t support off-chip coherence, this is more like a cluster-on-a-board rather than SMP. According to Extreme Engineering, this is the fourth P.A. Semi board they’ve designed.

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